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Hey Everyone,


I'm doing an MGY (Molecular Genetics) specialist at U of T, and I'll be entering 3rd year this fall. I will be taking most (maybe all) of the following courses (I've put a * next to the required courses):


MGY311Y (Molecular Biology) *

IMM334Y or IMM335Y (Immunology)

BCH340H (Protein Biochemistry) *

MGY314H / MGY315H (Genetics Lab) * formerly MGY312H

BCH377H (Biochemistry Lab) * formerly BCH371H

CHM342H (Organic Synthesis) or CHM347H (Organic Chemistry of Biological Compounds)

MGY350H (Model Organisms to Disease) *


If anyone has taken some of these courses, could you please give me your thoughts on their difficulty / workload / how interesting you found them?


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Hey Trarod,


Have you heard anything about BCH340? I'm planning on taking it too (I go to UTSG as well) but haven't heard many reviews. Do you know how difficult it is?


I've heard it's a technical course and that there is math involved. I'm not sure about difficulty though, that's why I started this thread :P

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