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Third year honors spec bio course registration.

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My registration opened up on the ninth, I was not able to get to it until last night due to MCAT studying and work (and a bit of forgetfulness). Just hoping someone in an upper year, or someone who was already completed their registration for courses could help answer some of my listed questions.


http://www.westerncalendar.uwo.ca/2012/pg626.html gives the information on course requirements to graduate.


"4.0 courses at the 2200 level or above, chosen from the Department of Biology and the Basic Medical Sciences disciplines, of which at least 3.0 courses must be chosen from the Department of Biology. A maximum of 1.0 course may be at the 2200-2999 level and at least 1.5 of these courses must have a laboratory component.

1.5 courses from: Biology 4223F/G, 4230A/B, 4243G, 4257Z, 4258Z, 4259F/G, 4300F/G, 4338G, 4355F/G, 4405F/G, 4436F/G, 4441F, 4510F/G, 4540G, 4561F, 4608G, 4611F/G, 4920F/G, 4930F/G, 4931F/G, 4944F/G, 4970F/G, 4999E(1.5 honors research thesis course), the former 451F/G, 4941E, 4946E."


I also want to add, I still need my evolution 2486A credit, as I did not take it second year (took 2290 instead).


1. Were you able to complete the 1.5 lab components in your third year?

2. Which lab courses did you take?

3. The honors research thesis is a 1.5 course and from the looks of it does not require any third year pre-reqs (except admission into fourth year honors spec bio). How is it different from any of the other fourth year courses?

4. What courses did you take when applying to third year? Did you have any conflicts? How did you determine which course to take over another?

5. Some of my classes are full (3316A - Advanced cell bio), which seems to be a pre-req for some of the fourth year courses. I'm really interested in taking this course and should have priority in it. What should I do?


Sorry for the mess of questions. Can't call an academic counselor until Monday and currently freaking out about my mess of a schedule, how to fit 3 lab components in, what classes to take in preparation for fourth year, and wondering how fourth year "works" in general. Plus, MCAT STRESS.


Thanks in advance!

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Third year's a good year to get yourself grounded for what you want to take in fourth year.. for me it was pathology, anatomy, human phys,cell phys, pharmacology and rounding out all the required ABC courses so I overloaded and took classic mythology.. bio you have a bit more room, but do what interests you...

The fourth year thesis is way different than any other class.. for me it was basically a job in research, you set your own hours as long as you're completing the research in a way that will let you have results and still make it to your classes

I had more conflicts going into fourth year because my seminar time overlapped with integrative neuroscience and clinical pharmacology but whateves..

If you should have priority call the registrars office.. they usually can put you in

Next year though...I suggest that the minute you're registration time is on.. be at a computer and do that **** or you will end up settling for classes and be less than impressed.

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