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OMSAS - should I apply?

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Hi all,


I graduated in HKIN with a BHK, going back in September full time for a second undergraduate degree in Food Nutrition and Health.


As of now, I did not apply to UBC (My number 1 choice).

My MCAT was not good enough and I broke my leg this spring quite badly so I couldn't rewrite this summer. I plan on taking a prep course next summer and writing in June/July.


My MCAT mark prior to that is 24, but I didn't meet the cutoffs in 1 area. Oof. I don't think it's smart of me to apply to schools with MCAT requirements because at this point I don't feel its worth it (financially mainly)with my current score.


Here is where I stand now with OMSAS:

1st year 3.26

2nd year 2.97

3rd year 3.4

4th year 3.49


Overall - 3.28

(Wow. I feel ashamed).


Is it worth me applying to NOSM and Ontario?


I am 24 years old and going back to school in September 2012 for a second undergraduate degree, full time. I feel confident after much research and careful choosing that I am going to ACE my next two years. Although it won't affect my overall GPA I feel confident that I will have a good shot with my current NAQ at some schools. I have worked on a lot of personal development and growth and am ready to rock it - however, is it worth it his year, that is the question.



Thanks for your comments :)

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Unfortunately, I'd say your gpa and mcat are both much below the averages for accepted students. However having said that there are students in medical school that got in with low grades or mcat. I think your best bet would be to go all out for your second degree and retake the mcat one summer. It's worth it to redo it in order to broaden the number of places you can apply to and increa your chances. It's a long haul but if you're up for it I'm sure it will pay off in the end

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I agree that a second undergrad would be the best first step. Keep in mind it may take more than 2 exceptional years to boost your overall cGPA... Lots of us non trade are doing second and even third degrees so you are not alone! Work hard and don't give up :)

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