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Which province do I belong to?

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Hi all,

After minimal research (at least I'm honest) I am confused.

I lived in Southern Ontario the first 23 years of my existence.

In January of this year I moved out to Nova Scotia to become a paramedic.

This September I will be starting the first year of my Bachelor's of Science where I will be attending a Nova Scotian University. I realize the province in which you are a resident is important because med schools hold X amount of spots (usually seems like at least 80%) for the residents of that province. To be a resident of Nova Scotia I would have to have been living here at least 1 year prior to beginning my full time studies (I will have only been here 9 months come September).

My question for you anyone who would be kind enough to answer is:

After completing my 3 or 4 years of university in Nova Scotia......although I won't be considered a Nova Scotia resident......will Ontario also say I am no longer an Ontario Resident when I apply to Ontario Med Schools?

My Driver's License is Nova Scotian and so is my permanent living address at the moment. During summers I will be working as a medic in Nova Scotia not returning to Ontario.

Thanks All,


P.S If 4 years down the road when I'm applying to ontario schools.......if I change my address to my parent's address (Ontario) is this considered fraud?

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I know Mac will consider you a resident of Ontario (3 years in the province past the age of 14.) I think U of T and Queen's don't care. For Ottawa, I think they go based off of your current address, but I'm not entirely positive, and I am not clear at all on Western.


If you intentionally misrepresent your parents' address as your own to gain an advantage in the process, I would think that would constitute fraud, and could lead to your application being removed from consideration. They seem pretty strict about that kind of stuff, and I wouldn't risk it personally.


Also, howdy neighbour. :) I'm in PEI.

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Western considers you to be SWOMEN if you went to highschool in their region (information available on their site) to you would still be considered SWOMEN for them. Otherwise there's no difference in ontario or out of ontario.

yes, if you went to high school in any of these communities then you are SWOMEN and that's all that matters to UWO,



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