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2nd Degree - Repeat Courses???

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Hi All,

First off whoever replies thank you for your input I appreciate it. My academic advisor was very little help on the situation so I'm going to ask the experts on this one!!!!

I did a year of university back in the day........Took and intro chem.....intro Biology...a philosophy course and an english.

5 years later (after working) I am back to school =).

I have read a lot about how if you repeat courses it is void / can make you lose an entire year of undergrad to some med schools.

My First year this year is very similar to my first year of my last degree.

I am taking a Bio w/ lab (More advanced than the first one....previously exposure to bio)

I am taking a chem w/ lab (More advanced again....previous exposure to chem needed)

I am taking a physics w/ lab (Intro.....no physics required)

But I applied late and have very slim pickings for the next 2 courses (In particular I am going to have to take 1st year english in year 2)

I am taking another philosophy course and a psychology course as my electives.

If I am at a different school (different province even) will med schools pick up on the fact I did 2 first year philosophy courses???? Or do you see an issue with me retaking first year bio and chem again???? The course descriptions are different......but for the philosophy course they are both Introductory philosophy courses.


Should I be concerned or am I in the clear?

Also does that sound like an alright 1st year ???? I wouldve really wanted an english course in there but its as full as can be....even emailed every prof.....any disadvantage to taking a 1st year english in year 2????

Anyone seeing any doors I'd be shutting with those 2 electives?


Thanks all!!! Sorry for the long post.......replies greatly appreciated.....having a headache with my timetable

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