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Increase competitiveness...advice! :)

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Hey all! Just wanted to put my info out here and hope some of you will be kind enough to offer suggestions and advice to help me become more competitive. :)


As an aside, my GPA is not good enough for the Ottawa cut off right now (3.66) so I am doing another degree in health sciences to up my GPA - I had straight As so I'm not worried about making the cut off (my nursing degree doesn't allow me to apply right now!)...


Anyways, here's my other info:

Ottawa resident

Currently working as a public health nurse in Leeds and Grenville, specializing in sexual and reproductive health; have done a lot of advanced nursing skills training, workshops and seminars etc...

Worked and volunteered in research labs at Ottawa hospital (infectious diseases, eating disorders), Ottawa U (gap sante, CHRU, child psych); honors thesis in infectious diseases; published abstract; publication in science journal (third author)...

Volunteered at CHEO; youth tutor and mentor; royal Ottawa

International study abroad semester to UK

Started my own online consignment shop


Any suggestions? I don't feel that show much leadership in my activities...


I would appreciate suggestions and honest opinions!

Thanks so much everyone!

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