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First some encouragement- I don't think there is anything wrong with having the goal of getting into U of A Med after 2 years of undergrad- it's good to be highly motivated and to dream big. And while they aren't the norm, I do know people who firmly knew what they wanted to do career-wise in high school and followed through with those plans successfully afterward.


However, Para D's reality check is merited- it is very likely that your life priorities will change over the next few years, possibly including your dream of being a doctor. Devoting your entire life and tonnes of hard work to getting in after 2 years may feel like a big waste if you decide later that medicine is just not for you. And the odds are definitely not in your favour, that's for sure!


My advice to you is to take things one step at a time. So this year, focus on learning well in Grade 12- much of the science on the MCAT is based on Grade 12 science. Also, do volunteering and other activities that genuinely interest and delight you. Then, if that all goes well, ensure you enroll in courses in your first year of university that will fulfill med prerequisite requirements, but that also include courses that interest and/or excite you. If you manage to get straight As (which is not impossible), go for your MCAT- if you do great on that, start that application process! Nothing was ever accomplished without trying.


However, always keep in mind that at any step along the way, you might not do stellar- if that does happen, you likely won't be successful in getting 2nd year. Even with doing "everything right", your 2-year application may still be rejected. BUT, this is not the end of the world- far from it. As Para D said, in the long run, getting in later that 2 years will make barely any difference.


I got in after 3 years, and I took the whole "year at a time" approach, and it worked great. I tried to do my best in high school and university, without sweating about how every little mark would affect my med school chances, and making sure that I took care of myself physically and socially, too. I got involved in clubs that seemed fun and volunteering I believed in- med school might have encouraged me to do these, but it wasn't the primary motivator. My original plan was to do med school after 4 years, but then I decided to try applying a year early because I was finally certain that this is what I wanted to do, and I figured applying would be a good experience even if it didn't pan out. I did get in, but if I had to do my 4th year of undergrad, that would've been fine too.


So in a nutshell- dream big and make a plan to go for it, but be realistic about the odds and make sure you enjoy life at the moment!

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