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queens and verbal score

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Nope, not bs ! She did have a 10 on her first mcat, followed by a 9 on her second (most recent). I always understood that the most recent score is the one that is viewed by admission. Correct me if I am wrong:rolleyes:


For further details about the test, applicants should visit http://www.aamc.org/mcat/.


The Queen’s School of Medicine imposes NO restrictions on the number of times that the candidate may take the test.

We consider scores from the Biological Science, Physical Science, Writing Sample and Verbal Reasoning sections as well as the sum of these parts.

In the event an applicant has written the test multiple times, the applicant must ensure that all test results are released to OMSAS. All MCAT scores will then be reported by OMSAS to Queen’s University.

Test results are valid from any test written within 5 years of the application submission.

Applicants whose MCAT score have not been submitted prior to the assessment of their file may be disqualified.

Applications will be assessed based on the scores from the candidate's best test results.



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