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Cancel a credit card (VISA) with negative balance?

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Hello, just wonder if anyone has experiences with closing a VISA - or credit card - that has a negative balance? I round up my payment thus overpaid $1.70, and later closed my Banking & Credit Card at TD, completely switch to RBC :)


I heard a credit card cannot be closed with a possitive balance, but mine is negative.

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Just wonder if I need to pay the balance exactly to zero for cancellation to proceed, and I don't really mind if they keep $1.70 as tip


Think of it as giving visa a tip for all the interests they charged you


they never got a penny from me :D I aways paid in time


I can't say for sure but I think they would just send out a check for the amount overpaid upon cancellation.
Call the VISA# at the back of the card. Tell them you want to close the account. You will get the money back.


... would be awkward to receive a cheque for that little sum


I was actually coming to the forums to ask the exact same question... same credit card too :o


Same amount overpaid too? :D lol

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