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Question about York - Switching majors

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I'm going to York in September for Psychology but I want to switch my major to Design second year.

Yes i know it's a big change, but I am absolutely sure it's what I want to do. I couldn't apply this year because I was a little late in my realization.


Anyway, I decided I'll go to York and take my general ed courses, and I'm taking them according to the requirements for the Design Program.

I also took a few other design courses that i am able to take.


Intro to psych is one of the required courses I need to take first year for Psychology, but my question is what happens if i don't take it?

Is it absolutely mandatory that I take that course in order to stay in york? Would it affect anything?


The reason I'm asking is because it's 6 credits and that would count as my electives, but I'd rather take some design courses instead of psych.

And if I were to take psych I'd have to drop the other two design courses I took because I wouldn't have any more elective credits to spare, and I don't want to spend more than I need to.

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