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Hi all,


I'm a canadian citizen who is applying to US med schools. I attended prep school and university in the United states. I was wondering if anyone has an updated list of US schools that are "Canadian-friendly", as in, consider Canadians different from any other international student. I have a list of 59 schools that accept international students, but I want to prioritize in what order I fill out secondaries. Those most "canadian-friendly" will be done first.


I know this thread has a list, but it is quite out-dated:



Can anyone help? Thanks so much.

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I'm in perhaps a similar situation as I am currently completing my undergrad in the United States despite being a Canadian citizen. The best way to create a list of schools would likely be to buy an online copy of the MSAR (Medical School Admission Requirements) from the website




This book has listing of all of the Medical Schools in the United States and whether they are International friendly. It's just generally a great source of information for any applicant (it also has information on Canadian schools) and will probably be able to answer most questions you have.

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