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Class of 2016: Any hockey players out there?

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Hi all you UBC-ers - congrats to all the new class of 2016! I'm a second year med student at the University of Calgary and we're hosting IceBowl 2012 in September of this year. IceBowl is a Western Canadian medical school tradition - UBC hosted in 2010 and U of S hosted it last year. It's a hockey tournament with men's competitive, women's competitive, and recreational divisions, and speaking from my experience on the women's team last year in Saskatoon it is a party you will not want to miss.


I'm starting this thread to see if there are any hockey players entering first year (or any in other years as well) that would want to get a team and some fans together and come. We've heard rumors from some senior UBC students that UBC isn't interested in sending a team, which would be tragic!! U of A, U of C, U of S and U of M are all confirmed and we're really hoping you guys show up too...theme parties with 400+ med students both nights, guaranteed 3 games, everyone staying together at the Ramada hotel - all this for less than 200$ each (cheaper if you're coming as a fan).


If anyone is interested reply to this or PM me for more info :) You can also check out the website: http://icebowl.ca/

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