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Taking Advantage of Dr. Mom's and Dr. Dad's

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This is a question for those of you like myself, whose parents are physicians:


How has having a parent/ parents in medicine helped you on your journey to medical school? More specifically, what opportunities have arisen/ have you seized to make yourself a more competitive applicant.


For example: For me getting a shadowing experience is as simple as a phone call or text message. So would working in another physicians office as a part-time secretary. These are things I have done, and have benefited from obtaining very easily.


Sometimes I feel though that I do not "exploit" my "number one connections" - my parents. They are an invaluable resource, of course, but beyond shadowing and office-working I don't know what else I can ask them to help me get involved with. Every other medically related EC I have had, I have obtained on my own through applying like every other student.


My parents don't work at a research hospital. So research experience is something I have been trying to acquire on my own. Although I have some, I am unsuccessful in securing a supervisor for myself. Often the replies are "w are not taking students; apply next year...." or just "we dont take undergrads".


So in summation, for those of you whose parents are doctors, what help/ opportunities did they help provide you with?

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lmao.... That was actually a serious question. I didn't mean it that way; maybe I didn't clarify enough. I was just thinking that I have done so many things on my own. And rarely ask my parents for help in terms of getting medically related experience. Now one would think that if both your parents are physicians you would ask them about these things. But I rarely have. I feel like I haven't "explored my two biggest resources" - for lack of a better way of phrasing. I have a lot of family friends, (my parents colleagues), whose children are often shadowing them, working, researching etc...


I just wanted to know what kind of things you guys do. For example, a friend told me he audits his mother's practice. He has a drug company fund it, so its a paid position, and for the mother she would get CME credit hours.


This sounded interesting to me and something I never even thought of doing. So my question was what other stuff have you done in this manner??

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