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clarifying LMCC, MCCQE, MCCEE ...

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hi guys,


so i'm still kind of confused about the lmcc vs mccqe... vs mccee?? there are too many of these acronyms. but from what i've read i seem to have distilled this into the categories below. would you kindly tell me if i'm on the right ( or wrong! :P ) track?


lmcc --- written at the end of 4th year of medical school.... allows you to enter residency.


mccqe1 --- ?? written while in residency??


mccqe2 - - written in second year residency? i.e. pgy2?


mccee --- for IMGs. once passed, they can then write the mccqe 1...and then mccqe 2 in their residency prgm (once matched).

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I think that LMCC is licentiate of the medical college of canada, which is what you are after you have completed the MCCQE1 (4th year) and MCCQE2 (after PGY1).


You are right about the MCCEE


Correct. LMCC is the licensing body that administers the exams (mccqe's)


Part 1 is written at the end of 4th yr.

Part 2 is written in the fall of second yr.


If you are in a surgical specialty, you need to write principles of surgery in the spring of 2nd yr too.

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