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Law Student Looking for a Roommate

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Hey all,


I am student who is entering first year at Western Law school in September and am looking for a roommate.


I just bought a two bedroom condo at 695 Richmond St. and ideally would like to rent out the other room to a non-undergraduate, serious student. The rent is $600/month plus utilities/internet/cable. The unit is air conditioned and will be fully furnished (with the exception of the second bedroom). Further, there are two direct bus routes to Western 2-3 km away.


I'm looking for a non-smoking roommate who is studious and would maintain the cleanliness of the unit. I chose this accommodation route to try to get some nicer housing at a similar cost to a rental unit.


If this interests you at all, please feel free to shoot me a PM and I can provide you with more details/photos.



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