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Best choice in terms of GPA and easiness

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I have just applied to theses programs as listed at bottom.( I am 2nd year commerce student in UTM, cGPA 3.55) I wonder if anyone of you has attended or in theses programs. I am looking a school or program that can offer me advantages in terms of getting a high GPA (i.e. 3.85) and easiness in prerequisites i.e. (Organic Chem, General chem, Bio, Biochem), not that I am too stupid to learn science, but to maximize my odds to get into a medical school, since, I am just about to start my grade 11 bio, chem courses online,LOL.


Which university or program would you guys recommend me to attend in this September? And your reason?


Would you guys recommend me to take physics for the sake of satisfying med schools prerequisites or preparing for MCAT?


Thanks for your efforts in advance. Any comment or advice will be very much appreciated. This forum will never be so great without your dedication.


*** York BA (Economics) First choice because it's closed to my where I live. What do you all think ?

Planning to take most of the chemistry courses that I will have in Ryerson. Heard chemistry in York is pretty harsh


1. Western University

MN:Management & Organizational Studies (Finance)


2. Western University

MN:Social Science ( Economics)


3. Brock University

BBE Honours: Business Economics (Financial Economics)


4. Trent University

Economics (Peterborough)


5. Lakehead University

Arts - BA (3-Years) (Economics)

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1) I don't know much about those programs, but I'd imagine getting grades at smaller/less prestigious schools (ie. not western) would be easier. (Which is one reason why I turned down Western/Mac/McGill in favour of Windsor)


2) Take physics. For both prerequisites and the MCAT. There is a decent amount of physics on the MCAT.


Additionally, do you think these programs are the best choice, being that you'll have to fit in a full year of bio/chem/physics/organic? Maybe I'm wrong, but I figured the easiest way to hit all of those pre-reqs would be to just take a science program that requires them to begin with...

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How is Windsor compare to other prestigious schools? Do you mind share the result of your research of comparing "less prestigious schools (trent) to prestigious schools (UofT)"? Is windsor indeed way much easier in terms of GPA and did you have more spare time to prepare the MCAT due the decision that you chose Windosr ? Overall, do you think your decision was wise?


Thanks in advance:D

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Well, more prestigious/bigger schools draw a higher caliber of student, generally, and so there's much more competition for high grades. At Windsor, really there are a tremendous amount of idiots, which makes getting straight A's that much easier.


Now, I'm not saying it's impossible to do well at other schools, I'm sure I would have fared just fine at McGill or UofT, however I might have had to devote all of my time to doing so (in place of building ECs/not giving up a social life).


I can't imagine there being a difference in MCAT prep, though. That's typically done in the summer and doesn't have anything to do with where you go to school. I could argue that being at Windsor has provided me with more summer research opportunities, and so it has hindered my MCAT prep. (not sure I'd consider that a disadvantage though, research has been a good time)

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You should also think about the city you will be living in. York is in Toronto so I find its easier to get a job or volunteer placement. When I lived in Guelph it was very hard to get a volunteer position at a hospital and it might be the same in all small towns.

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