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Accepted/Rejected/Waitlisted??? (for current applicants)

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GPA: 3.79

MCAT: 35

ECs: pretty diverse, student leadership, healthcare, music, teaching, some decent scholarships.

Year: Graduated with Bachelor of Music last year

Geography: IP Rural

Interview: Felt good, only one or two stations seemed a little weak but overall great.

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Result: Accepted and will be attending as it is my top choice!!! GPA: 4.00 MCAT: 520 (132/129/131/128) ECs: Posted elsewhere, but varied and bizarre. Interview: This interview was a lot of fun, espe

Result: Accepted Geography: OOP GPA: 3.96 MCAT: 508 (129 CARS)  <--Yes, you can get in with a low MCAT as an OOP!  Degree: Bachelors of Commerce (2012) (No science prereqs)

11:36 am, ACCEPTED!!! IP 517 (129 cars) 3.83 Average o above average EC Blew MMI out of the water. Oh my god.


GPA: 4

MCAT: 27

ECs: research, many publications, lots of volunteering, competitive dancing, playing violin, and jobs with aboriginal and vulnerable populations.

Year: PhD complete

Interview: felt amazing!


Will decline in favor of UofC. So hopefully this will help someone on the wait list. Good luck!!!

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4th year IP
GPA: 3.91
MCAT: 33
ECs: Pretty diverse. I think they were above average this cycle. Calgary liked them for most part.
Interview: It felt very "normal". Nothing bad and nothing great.

Good luck to the waitlisters. For those rejected, I know how you feel. I was rejected as a 3rd year applicant for the 2013/14 cycle; it was definitely a difficult summer. However, I truly believe that rejection makes you want it even more. Keep at it, and it will work out! 

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GPA: 3.93


MCAT: 30


ECs: research, NSERC, publications, lots of volunteering (St John Ambulance, church, hospital, etc...), jobs at orthodontic clinic and Alzheimer society.


Year: MSc complete (IP)


Interview: Other than the first station, felt that the rest went quite well! One of the interviewers told me that I did great (was not expecting this as they usually are quite solemn and unreadable!) 


Congrats to all those accepted! Hoping that third time will be my charm!

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GPA: 3.83

MCAT: 10 11 11

EC's: publication in national journal, research, volunteering with mental health organizations, extra curriculars (started my own club)

Year: graduated last year, working currently

Interview: 5 really good ones, 2 very meh, 1 was horrible 


Congratulations to everyone accepted!

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Accepted off waitlist (May 27)


GPA: 3.9

MCAT: 10 / 13 / 13

ECs: lots of volunteering, lots of teaching, sports coaching

Year: PhD just finishing

Geography: OOP

Interview: Some stations good, some obviously bad


Will be declining in favour of Western. How does one pass up the opportunity to pay 10k more per yr in tuition  :P

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Accepted (not waitlist I just haven't made an account until today) 


GPA: 3.92

MCAT: 30 

ECs: Lots of coaching sports, hospital volunteering, undergrad research project, 4-H 

Year: Graduated 4 year Bsc- Zoology 

Geography: Rural IP 

Interview: Seemed to go okay 


Look forward to meeting you all! 

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I cannot believe I actually get to post this - after years of doubting myself as a non-trad, the hard work has finally paid off.


Accepted off the waitlist (May 29th, 1:41pm MST)

4th year IP - BA, MSc completed
GPA: 3.78
MCAT: 27
ECs: extensive, long-term, and personal. 
Interview: went very well - definitely my strong point.

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Accepted off the waitlist (May 27th, 10:50 am MST)

4th year IP - BSc completed this year
GPA: 3.84
MCAT: 34
ECs: medical research, public health policy work. 
Interview: Think it went well, some stations were definitely better/worse than others.


Good luck to others still on the wait-list! I know how stressful it can be, I was so relieved to get my email. Good vibes your way!!

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Accepted off waitlist. Time stamp: 9:29 AM


B.Sc conferred

GPA: 3.86
MCAT: 33
ECs: a few long term very involved positions, three years of undergraduate research, part time jobs..
Interview: great for 6/8. The other 2 were kind of awkward, came off pretty strong. 


​Was on wait list last year and didn't get in. GL to everyone still on and don't give up!

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Graduated B.Sc.


GPA: 3.97

MCAT: 523
ECs: Pretty standard stuff. Lots of volunteering, some research, some sports.
Interview: I came out of the interview feeling alright, but have been doubting my performance ever since. I thought I bombed a couple of stations.


I can't believe it! I can't stop shaking from excitement!

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Result: Accepted!!!! Ahhhhh!

GPA: 3.75
MCAT: 520
ECs: I wrote em up somewhere earlier. I didn't think they were strong.

Year: 2nd year MSc

Geography: IP
Interview: My global impression was that I'd been a bit verbose, little bit of verbal diarrhea, but that I mostly held it together.


I have no idea which school I'm going to choose... :S This has got to be the best kind of problem to have. :)


Congratulations to everyone!

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Result: Accepted

GPA: 3.95
MCAT: 516 (129 CARS)
ECs: A lot of very unconventional things (I did a lot of Marketing and Graphic Design work with my Undergraduate Society, and oversaw the Marketing Division's committees and budget), Autism Research for 2 summers, etc. I think the only thing that might be considered very medicine related was a volunteer trip to Nepal. Otherwise pretty unconventional I think? If you're interested in specifics, just PM me.

Year: 3rd Year UG

Geography: IP
Interview: Definitely thought I absolutely bombed at least 2 of the stations, wasn't expecting much!




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Result: Accepted!
GPA: 3.80
MCAT: 130/130/126/127
Year: Graduated UG 2015

ECs: NCAA D-1 athlete, engineering projects, some volunteering and summer employment, traveling


Interview: I actually really enjoyed some of the prompts, they had very engaging ideas and concepts that could be controversial and exciting. I didn't feel good about 2 stations for sure, got sort of repetitive, but definitely utilized many prompts.


I AM SO PUMPED! Congrats to everyone!

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Result: Waitlist -- Accepted May 30

Timestamp: 10:15 am EST -- 11:53 am EST

GPA: 4.00
MCAT: 515
ECs: I don't think there was anything other-worldly on my app. Lots of project management and leadership. No research and no hospital volunteering for those worried about that stuff. Some unique hobbies and interests. 

Year: Completed UG this year

Geography: OOP
Interview: Felt better about this one than Calgary, but I definitely stumbled a bit on at least one station and could have gone through more of the prompts and been a little more concise in my initial answers.

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