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After finishing reading all the books, I got a 6 in PS, 5 in VR, and 8 in BS on the first test that I did. This is a very low score and makes me worried whether I will be able to write my actual MCAT in September. Is it still possible to raise my score? If so, could anyone please offer tips on how to get to the 10+ range?

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1) Raise youre confidence level! Go in like a gladiator focused to destroy the enemy (the mcat). no, but seriously, confidence in your ability to improve and do well is super important.


2) Do all the homework from the course. Reading only gives you knowledge. MCAT is as much a strategy test as it is a knowledge test. Homework will help you to learn the strategies, and be comfortable with em. It will also solidify your knowledge.


3) Review ALL your answers. even the ones you got right. Sometimes you get lucky, choosing the right answer for the wrong reasons.


4) Practice doing several passages at a time, not with pauses in between. Simulate actual test conditions with the hmwk.


5) Do more practice TPR/AAMC tests. Watch for improvement.



6 weeks is enough time in my opinion to go from 7-8s to 10-11s. maybe even 12s, if youre really smart with your studying.


Good Luck!

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