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July 26, 2012 MCAT


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I thought it went pretty well. I had the feeling of a really heavy pit in my stomach at the end of the test, probably because I was really frustrated with 1 or 2 questions in the PS and verbal sections.


PS - took way too much time on the discretes and ended up with only about 2 minutes for the last passage (luckily it was only 4 questions so was able to do what I could with the time remaining). Overall, felt very similar in difficulty to AAMC 11.


VR - Passages were very easy to read and breezed through them, of course the questions were pretty tricky with a lot of inference-based questions.


Written - Usually dread this section due to the topics that come up. Always have trouble coming up with examples for the antithesis. Got 2 amazing fun topics to write about on test day. Felt like a one hour break to be honest.


BS - Don't ever underestimate Orgo! It was extremely difficult on test day. I usually get about 85-100% of the Orgo questions right on the AAMC FLs, but it did not feel like that at all on test day! :( Bio had some really easy topics but very tricky questions.

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