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Hi everyone,


I'm new to the forum and I did a quick search here but couldn't find what I'm looking for. So I decided to just start a thread to see if I can get any response.


I am preparing to apply to McMaster this coming fall and have run into a small (I hope) problem with my transcript. I completed my undergrad here in Ontario, but 3 credits in my undergrad were transfered from another university that's out of the country. I did speak with the admission lady and she said I will have to send in the transcript for those few credits as well.


I know the university I attended previously does not have my record anymore, as I had the same issue when I applied to OT 3 yrs ago. What I ended up doing was I sent a notarized copy of my transcript to Mac and U of T and it was acceptable. When I came to Canada almost 10 yrs ago, I made quite a few notarized copies of my transcript and just have been using them in my post-grad applications. So far I haven't had any problems with it because it was recognized. I am just wondering if anyone has run into the same problem and if any of you know a notarized transcript would be acceptable at Mac?



Any advice would be appreciated!

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