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Whats this Schedule like?

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HH KINE 1000 Cr=6.00 \ Term:Y Kinesiology: Sociocultural Perspectives

HH KINE 2049 Cr=3.00 Term:F Research Methods in Kinesiology

HH KINE 3012 Cr=3.00 Term:W Human Physiology II

HH KINE 3020 Cr=3.00 Term:F Skilled Performance & Motor Learning

HH KINE 3000 Cr=3.00 Term:W Psychology of Physical Activity & Health

HH KINE 1020 Cr=6.00 Term:Y Fitness and Health

HH KINE 4010 Cr=3.00 Term:F Exercise Physiology

HH PKIN 0460 Cr=0.00 Term:F Strength Training

HH KINE 4020 Cr=3.00 Term:W Human Nutrition


I transferred over to YorkU from UOIT, and I will be attending as a 4th year, and will graudate by next summer. So I'm not losing any time. I'm transferring because of the retarded commute (4.5 hrs back and forth) and system (cant take courses in other faculties until Sep 17th).


Anyways, some help or hints on how to tackle these courses will be very helpful.

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Kine 1000 - write the papers/presentations exactly the way they want them. I lost marks for being 1/4 page under.

Kine 1020 - I found that the best way to study for this class was to listen to the lecture recordings again.

The marks for both kine 1000 and kine 1020 went up by about 5% in the end so if you're getting 80s don't be discouraged.

Kine 3012 - Try to put the different systems together and think about how the systems would compensate for changes such as high BP etc.

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