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Alberta or Dalhousie Pharmacy - Do I have a chance?


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I'm going into my second year at Windsor, Ontario. I want to apply to pharmacy at Alberta and Dalhousie this year. I want to know if I have a chance at getting in:


For dalhousie:

Pre-req GPA: 3.55/4.3 or 3.3/4



For Alberta:

cGPA: 3.3/4

Pre-req GPA: i havent completed all of my pre-reqs yet, what is a good GPa i should aim for?


As far as volunteering and experience goes, I work at a pharmacy and I have done a lot of pharmacy volunteering, volunteering at various events and for different organizations


What do you guys think? Honest opinions, suggestions and anything else is welcome :)


Thank you!

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I'll be completely honest with you. For an OOP, the chances of getting in with a 3.3 GPA is extremely low. You should apply regardless because you never know, but don't have any expectations of getting in.


A poster here and another one on SDN (they were IP) were rejected with a 3.8 GPA. Your volunteering helps... Try your best in second year, and there's always a chance. :)


EDIT: I was talking about U of A, btw. I have no clue about Dalhousie. I'm also applying next year! :D

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