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Former Islander; Question

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Hey guys,

I was born in PEI, yet only spent my first 4 years in the province.

Will this fact give me any IP status in any of the maritime schools? (Dal/Memorial).

-Also, I went to high school in Ottawa, and lived in an adjacent town for ~8 years after moving

from PEI; would this qualify me for any advantages at Ottawa U?


Thanks for your help

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No, you won't qualify as an Islander for Dal or MUN.


For Dal, you have to have lived in PEI for 12 consecutive months prior the application, during which you weren't a university student. (Basically, where you live during your undergrad doesn't matter, but you have to have lived here immediately before, and come back after, if you want to keep PEI residency.)


The other way is if you are a 'dependent' student and your parents live here, but I am doubting if that is the case.


MUN's rules for PEI residency are actually more strict - you have to be here for 3-5 years, depending on other conditions. They are likely to get tighter, too, considering the province is requiring ROSes for those seats now and wants born-and-raised Islanders in those spaces.


Ottawa, I believe, bases your applicant category on your current address. I lived there for ten years, (including high school in Nepean) and will not have IP/IO status at Ottawa to the best of my knowledge, as I haven't lived there for several years now.


I think Mac is the only one that will class you as IP for Ontario even if you don't currently live there.


The Maritime provinces are very protective of their med school seats, which is why it isn't easy to be considered IP here.


Edit: One is never a 'former' Islander, lol. You're just an Islander away. Most of us come home eventually. :D

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Damnn, haha I figured it was a long shot. Thanks for your help!


No problem. Best of luck with it. :)


One thing I didn't mention though was that you could definitely apply, and if you got an interview, bring up your maritime connection, especially if you intend to come back here long-term. While it won't change your applicant pool, it may help. I don't know how much it would, though

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