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So I finally wrote my OAT.


I was shocked at how easy the reading comprehension section was.

I scored 400 and the percentile was 100%, which means that 100% of people who took the test today got 400 as their score (perfect).


I had about 15 minutes left over when I completed my 3 passages.

It was the highest score from all my sections I did and boy, it contrasted so much with VR from MCAT.



I did horribly in QR. To be honest, that was the section I was most confident with because I always liked those type of math, but boy...there were t so many cosine stuff... I didn't brush up on those type of things at all because I studied using my archaic MCAT book.


I have 310 as QR and GC, physics is 320.


Overall I have 340.


I'm not sure how this will be viewed upon when I apply to optometry this year...but I'm definitely never writing that ever again.



I felt like I am torturing myself every summer either for MCAT or this summer for OAT.


If I keep at it, I might become masochist someday hahaha

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Isn't percentile the percent of values that can be observed below a set of scores?


Eg. If you are 95th percentile, that means 95% of scores are equal to or lower than your score. In other words, that is the top 5%.


As for OAT score, from what I know they don't look at subsections. Waterloo looks at overall score. I know a friend who got in with a 290 in one section. Of course that could be a rare case. Best would be to call and ask.

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Uwaterloo does look at subsection and overall section scores for the OAT. Generally, I think they use a minimum individual section cut off of around 300 and generally to be competitive u need to have an overall OAT score of370. This should be posted on the admissions website. You can get in with only one individual section being maybe as low as 290 with the rest of the sections being high. Having an overall score of close to 370 I would imagine. I think they rely more on ur gpa though but just keep that in mind. I know this from prior experience. hope it helps.

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