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Is there a chart like this but for Canadian schools?


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Wow this chart is amazing!




Yay Birdy! ...May be harder to do for Canadian Med Schools because of ABS component?


or easier cause there are less schools.

it would be cool though, but could be difficult becuase I don't think all schools reveal their statistics

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Not sure how helpful/accurate it will be to be honest. Most Canadian schools just use GPA and MCAT scores as cutoffs. I guess it will help people see which schools they should apply to because they might meet cutoffs based on previous years. Only a few Canadian schools give extra consideration for high MCAT so it wouldn't significantly increase your chances.

There is a flow chart on the first page FAQ thread, that is pretty useful.

Also note; if you are Canadian using this spreadsheet. First, check to see if the schools even accept Canadians at all and secondly, check if the stats for successful Canadians are higher.

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