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[HELP! Thank you!] Need to make some decisions!

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Hi, so here is my story and my problem:


I just graduated from a collaborative program at Queens University. I managed to receive a Life Sci degree and an X-Ray Technologist Diploma in these five years. Since this is a collaborative program, I only have three years of University GPA. Here are my GPA after OMSAS conversion for the three year:

Year 1: 3.59

Year 2: 3.75

Year 3: 3.93


I am going to write my MCAT in Sept and I am wondering if my GPA will be competitive enough to apply for American or even Canadian medical school? I only have 3 years of University GPA and my 1st year is not too great.


So here is my problem if my GPA is not competitive enough, I recently got a job offer as an X-Ray Technologist. It is a full-time position which mean I will not be able to do anything else other than work. It will give me experience in X-Ray but I really want to get into medical school as soon as I can. Should I take the job and get a year of experience or should I apply for a master program? Or even take couple of courses to boost up my GPA and then apply medical school?


As I mature and seeing what physicians do in hospital, I really want to do med and I know there will be some difficult road ahead of me. I sometimes regret taking this X-Ray program as I thought it would be a good backup plan but it actually hinders me and slows me down.


Sorry for writing an essay about myself lol! Thank you so much for all your helps and suggestions!! I really appreciate them! :)

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you'd be applying this cycle, right? why not take the job while you wait for admissions in next May? i guess you could look like a bit of a quitter if you leave after a year... but ya... people on here talk about one year masters programs doing jack all for your application, and a few courses to boost one's (all ready okay, imo) gpa is meh in comparison to working for a year and making some scrilla. but whatevs

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