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Canadian DAT Tutoring and Dental School Admissions Consulting


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Gaining admission into dental school is a challenging, time-consuming process. As a current DDS student with an extensive background tutoring and teaching in Canada and overseas, I have confidence that I can help you to succeed.


It's crucial to have someone who is familiar with the entire application process guide you through all the hurdles you will face.


How I can help current applicants:

~Help you develop a personalized study plan

~Assist you with the natural sciences (biology and chemistry) section of the DAT

~Assist you with the reading comprehension section (This section is especially challenging for ESL students. However, with my years of tutoring ESL students in Canada and teaching TOEFL and IELTS overseas, I am confident I can help you improve your score to meet the cut-off at various dental schools.)

~Give you useful tips and guidance on completing the PAT and carving portions of the DAT

~Prepare for the CDA-style interview by giving advice on presentation and by doing mock interviews with CDA-style situational and behavioural questions

~Answering any questions you have about the application process


I currently live in down town Toronto and am willing to teach around the GTA. My rate is $35 dollars an hour; but package deals can be negotiated. Thank you very much for your interest and I wish you the best of luck with your applications.

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