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Same MCAT score twice

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Hi all,


I've looked around in these forums, but found no answer so decided to post.


I've taken the mcat twice now, and got 30 R both times. My scores are as follows:

#1 #2

PS 11 9

VR 10 10

BS 9 11



Since Queen's takes into consideration only my best scores, how will I be evaluated? Will they take my best performances on each section to make it 11/10/11 R? Or just randomly pick one of my two sittings?


And since I have your attention, how will I fare applying to Queens with a roughly 3.8 best 2 yrs GPA?


thanks in advance!

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Hmmmm that's interesting. I don't think they'd take your best from each section though. Queens doesn't really say what they do with the mcat so they might have a look at both or they might just pick one. They also look at the total score so in both cases there you're a 30R. I wouldn't worry about it too much because I don't think they care much whether you're better at physics or biology. It looks like you have a decent shot with your 2year gpa which is good.

Now all you can do to help yourself is pick really good people to write your reference letters and come up with a bunch of impressive activities to share.


Good luck!

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