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Wroclaw 2012/2013 Serious Issue! regarding fees

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To all students currently attending, applicants, and those who plan to attend:


Wroclaw has made changes to their tuition fees for 2012/2013 entering students. This comes as a shock as the original 2012/2013 fees were already posted months ago and were included in the acceptance letter and enrollment agreement. Now wroclaw has drastically increased the tuition fees this August months AFTER having issued acceptance letters and receiving word back from students. Now students have already signed to attend, it's too late to go to a different school and wroclaw raised the tuition fee by more than 2000 euro per year! My parents have talked with the educational boards of poland as well as other universities in Poland and what Wroclaw is trying to do appears to be ILLEGAL.


Please anyone who is enrolled in the 2012/2013 entering class to wroclaw university in english, please respond and help support us against this issue. In summary wroclaw posted tuition fees for the 2012/2013 students, then students got their acceptance letters, the student agreed to the acceptance letter, wroclaw issues the official letter of enrollment back to the student which includes all fees, the student paid the fee. Now in August, University of wroclaw issues a new letter with new increased tuition fees and is asking for the remaining balance. I don't believe this is legal. The original agreement was signed months ago.


Other students of the medical/dentistry community please also give us your feedback.

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