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CMG training at a Top US Residency Program - Practice in Canada viable?

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I am unsure if this question is appropriate for this sub-forum, but here goes.


Even though I am just about to begin my studies at a Canadian medical school, I plan on writing the USMLE after MS2 in order to expand my options when I apply for residency programs down the road.


Hypothetically speaking, if I rock my USLME I, get glowing letters from renowned physicians and get into a top US Residency program (I realize this is a tall order, but entertain this thought for the sake of this discussion), then is it tough to return to Canada to practice beyond Family Medicine? Would Canada be more lenient towards a CMG, especially if one's residency program is world-renowned - I am talking about Harvard, Stanford, Johns Hopkins, and the like? I've heard that the difference in length of the residency programs between Canada and US are a major deterrent for US Residency grads. Could someone elaborate on this point and is this applicable to top US residency programs? Furthermore, please direct me to links & resources that outline steps and roadblocks that have to be overcome in this context.



To synthesize, I am aware that if I want to practice in Canada, my best bet is to do residency in Canada. But are exceptions made for those who complete residency in prestigious US programs? I still want to have the option of practicing competitive specialties in Canada (for ROAD, ENT, IM Subspecialties like Cardio and GI) after postgraduate medical studies in the US

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Also be aware that most years CaRMS matches occur first, which pulls you out of the US match. So you likely wouldn't be able to match into a US program unless you decided not to apply in Canada at all. Then you'd be creating a lot of risk of going unmatched if you only were planning on applying to the top US programs.

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