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Grad Supp App: Research productivity not related to grad degree

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For the supplemental grad application package, the application manual states "Graduate applicants must supply documented evidence of research productivity

(e.g., abstract and/or first page of any published articles)"


I am currently in a course-based master's program, but have abstracts, etc that are related to thesis work I did in my undergrad. Some of this research was presented /published after I had graduated undergrad and while I was already in my first year of my current master's program.


Does anyone else know if this evidence of my research productivity would still "count", or is worth submitting, even though it is not related to my graduate program?



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They ask you to show research productivity, not just research productivity during your graduate school years.


I agree submit it as part as your ABS, but ALSO include it in your supplemental application. I had publications in my undergraduate and I included a copy of the first page (this is what they ask for in the supplemental application last year) and I was admitted.

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