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Applications up by 150%!?

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Carolyn mentioned in her e-mail recently that there are 937 applications to Dal Med this year. On the Dal Med website in mentions for the class of 2015 (the most recent year available) there were a total of 656 applicants. Is this sort of fluctuation normal? What do you guys think caused such a huge increase in the number of applicants?

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There were no reference letters last year either. It's entirely possible that people make applications and then decide not to complete them for whatever reasons.




I believe this is the case too. People eagerly fill out their apps and when they either

a) don't write their mcat

B) have posponed their mcat to the point where Dalhousie is no longer in the equation (omsas still is)

c) get a score that they are not confident with


They don't complete step 2a and b

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