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Is this padding?

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I've been going over my application for a number of times now, and I am worried that what I have might be perceived as padding.


I worked last summer building an iPad app for a clinic, and I evaluated it compared to the existing system. I initially got funding from the IMS (not all IMS students get it), and now I've submitted a paper and I am transitioning to work (not research) in the clinic to make my app the permanent solution in the clinic.


So I listed three entrees (I can't list everything in 150 chars...)


1. Developed app and evaluated it. Presented poster and oral. Wrote paper.

2. Award from IMS (funding)

3. Part time employment maintaining app - this will be ongoing even though my research project ended.


I feel #3 should be included with #1, but I have no space to mention it. At the same time, I don't want to not include #3 because it is something I am spending time doing.


Should I keep it as it is? Or will it be perceived as padding?

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Nope. #1 can go under research, #2 under awards, and #3 is employment. Try to describe #3 differently than just the app, for instance maybe what you learned and such.


I've also programmed an app, so that's pretty cool!


Thanks macbook!

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