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URGENT - Issue with Mailing Supplemental Grad App

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Hey Everyone,


For you graduate applications, I was wondering if anyone has had issues mailing in their supplemental applications. I sent mine express post on Friday and I got a message saying "Returned to Sender - Incomplete Address"


I used the EXACT mailing address listed on the website (triple checked my labels). The weird thing is it says "successfully returned to sender, TORONTO" but I don't live in Toronto. There is no way to find out through Canada Post where my package is! On the tracking, it does say that someone "LUOT M" signed and recieved the package... It's so confusing!


I'm going to try and call admissions tomorrow, but I'm skeptical they'll have any info. Has anyone else had issues?



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I sent mine to the exact address listed via UPS courier last Friday, and was also notified about problems (due to lack of room/building number).


I called U of T adcom and was told it also needs "room 2135" attached. After updating the room number with UPS, it was delivered the following day and signed by "Angela at reception".


Did anyone else have similar experience? I did not have it signed by "LUOT" however, which is slightly worrying!

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Hey! I had the same problem. I emailed them and Angela said that there was a problem with Canada's Post and they received all of them today. I freaked out like crazy and emailed all my references about to see if I could resend it tomorrow but seeing that you guys had the same problem maybe they did get it then. :S By the way, mines was also signed by LUOT M.

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apparently i can apply even though i have some med education at another u... i gotta scan through schools now... obviously applying for next year, u of t would be a dream... im really surprised... the md/phd program looks very attractive too if i can get the phd in counseling psych or maybe combined either a mph... i'd definitely have to set myself apart but amazed they consider students who went to other schools

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OP I had the exact same issue.


So Shan'er you have confirmed that they did actually receive them?


No, I don't think they do confirmations. Angela only said that there was a problem with Canada's Post but it's solved and they received all the packages but she didn't confirm mines specifically. I am getting Canada Post to do an investigation though which they said would take 5 days but I'm pretty sure they got it if people here are saying that their package was signed by LUOT. I'll let you know after Canada Post does their investigation but I think we can breathe a sigh of relief:)

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