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cGPA Question

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I know cGPA cutoffs tend to be and need to be high for medical school; browsing through the forums, I've noticed the number 3.85 tossed around a lot. I know this can only be speculative, but what schools are likely not to interview people with <3.85 cGPA? I believe Ottawa's cutoff was 3.85 last year.


My cGPA is 3.84 (kill me ahaha), and only because I did not take a full course load every semester (5 every semester except 4 for both semesters in third year).


My MCAT was 35Q, which I hope tilts the odds in my favour when it comes to academic competency.

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Guest andrea55

Ottawa uses a WGPA calculation for admission, not a cGPA. So that may change your eligability. It seems each school uses a different method of calculating a GPA.

McMaster uses a cGPA

Toronto uses a weighting formula I believe

Western takes your two best years (which must be over 3.7)

etc. Its just a matter of looking into the school that you are interested in and seeing what they look for.

But with a cGPA of 3.85 and a 35Q MCAT, I would think that your chances are pretty good.

Best of luck !

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