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How Random/Inexplicable Are Canadian Admissions?

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muse has some really interesting stories and genius insight on a lot of things,


but after religiously reading his posts there is some truth to what the other guy was saying about him being cocky etc


and he repeats some stories too so after awhile you start noticing the same stories and it's all used up


that said, what the bully was doing is just not right. you wouldn't say that to someone face-to-face so why on the internet?

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muse has some really interesting stories and genius insight on a lot of things,


but after religiously reading his posts there is some truth to what the other guy was saying about him being cocky etc


and he repeats some stories too so after awhile you start noticing the same stories and it's all used up


that said, what the bully was doing is just not right. you wouldn't say that to someone face-to-face so why on the internet?


Why say it at all? Fck.


It's text messages online, you don't like them just scroll by. Why spend your time ripping some kid apart? He was working on his ranting problem and was getting better after myself and a few others CONSTRUCTIVELY tried to help him.


Isn't there enough negativity in the world?

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Quite frankly I rarely ever read more than 1 or 2 lines of Muse's posts, but I find it surprising that anyone would go to the effort of posting such a huge volume of stuff that people won't read, so his claims of having ADHD don't seem far fetched to me, though I always questioned its legitimacy as a medical condition.

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Quite frankly I rarely ever read more than 1 or 2 lines of Muse's posts, but I find it surprising that anyone would go to the effort of posting such a huge volume of stuff that people won't read, so his claims of having ADHD don't seem far fetched to me, though I always questioned its legitimacy as a medical condition.


it can be an outlet of some sort. if i were him having all these ideas in my mind that i can't let out, writing long paragraphs of all my thoughts would be a good outlet for me,


muse could have ADHD + endless ideas that just keeps on flowing. It's like going 230km/h all the time

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i suck at psychology so much, or do i... hmmm, shoot, delusions again

The Psychiatry Recruitment Committee at the University of Toronto is pleased to inform you that you have

been accepted to the 2xxx Psychiatry Institute

i suck so much future police officers want to meet with me about their projects on hate crimes (the mentally ill)


Hello, my name is xxxx and I am a recruit Peace Officer with xxx


...we are required to complete a project which involves identifying a problem, identifying and meeting with stakeholders, and ideally coming up with a solution to the aforementioned problem.


The reason I have contacted you is because my project deals with incidents involving minority groups (hate crimes) and their reporting of such incidents to law enforcement agencies. As the xxx encompasses such a wide variety of persons I believe that specific policies and procedures should be put in place to better assist us in dealing with these issues. I was hoping that you would be interested in taking some time to speak with me in person or answer some questions via email in regards to members of your organizations experiences with these matters.

he seemed to like my response


Hi xxx,


I would definitely be interested in speaking with you (in person or via

email) if you would be willing to share some of your knowledge and

expertease. I am still working on an email friendly version of my

questions which may or may not be applicable in regards to you

specifically, but any possible input would still be appreciated.


Thanks in advance,

hmmm.... am i friends with most of my profs, or crazy... i must be, because i don't know the dean of chemistry, and i hadnt taken a class with prof x in 5 years


In the Department of Chemistry we are preparing a nomination for the Provost's Award for Early Achievement of Excellence in Undergraduate Teaching for Dr. xxxx. I'm writing to you today to see if you would be willing to write a student letter in support of this nomination.


The award is to recognize publicly the achievement of teaching excellence by full-time staff within five years of their first university appointment, to publicize such excellence to the University


If you are willing to write the letter, I would ask you to consider the following guidelines:


1. Please try to indicate how you think Dr. xxx teaching, in general, stands above that of other university instructors at the undergraduate level (without any other names, though). In other words, please specify what aspects of his teaching were particularly good. Please try to include detailed examples of those aspects where applicable.


2. Also, please try to include a statement or more about how his teaching has personally affected you, if possible.


3. We are on a rather tight deadline, so if you could give me a signed original copy of the letter no later than


4. Please try to keep the letter to no longer than one page


5. You may either bring the letter to my office

would a prep company hire me, then ask me stay after i turn the job down... no way, im retarded, so retarded they would ask me to work half time even after i turn the job down

I thought I would reach out to you once more because I'm not sure if the reasons why you had to bow out of training were connected to the amount of work you were anticipating having to do in the fall. The class we discussed, a one day/that day class, is going to be assigned to another teacher but because of his workload we are looking to split the class between him and a second teacher. I was wondering if that reduced workload might mean you would be interested in redoing the training.

i cant lead a group, that's silly...

This summit will take place on xxx. It will give outgoing Executive members a sense of what they can do to ensure an effective changeover with new/incoming on Executive members. It will include helpful tips and tricks on how to preserve information gained from one year to the next, and how to give the incoming Executive the confidence they will need to enter their new positions with confidence.


This session will also include a “New Executive Orientation Session” for newly elected and incoming Executives. It will include basic information that will be helpful for folks just learning the ropes of being a student group Executive. This session will also start at xxx.

i'm a total loser, important people would never meet with me last minute... last time i asked off the bat, i was told two months... not like two days, darn... and this guy says i can do anything... ****, guess people who care like people who care...


Nice meeting you today. Dr. xxxxx is available to meet with you on xxxx in hisxxx. We sincerely apologize for the early meeting time and hope that the date and time is suitable for you. As I mentioned when we met today Drxxxx schedule is very tight till the middle of xxx.


wow, i lie about scholarships too, who would want to give me a scholarship, let alone put me on a scholarships brochure...

Hello xxx:


I would like to use the following quote in next year’s scholarship brochure. Note that I’ve edited your writing a little to make it fit in the brochure.



Completing xxxx education, xxxx difficult, xxxx. Finances xxxx. Your xxx do make a difference xxx lives xxx you help, and xxxx xxxxxx.

- xxx, xxx recipient


Please let me know if you feel comfortable with this.




xxx xxx

Special Funds Administrator

xxxx yeah...



but how about some ones from the government... that old millenium one was pretty hard to get


The cheques for Canadian Millenium Scholarships have arrived. Please drop by the Awards Office to pick yours up.

i wonder if i come off arrogant because i talk about a specific topic on this topic specific forum... didn't everyone cut up dr. frans on here for saying more or less what i do... maybe i care... probably why i imagined creating a scholarship in my head


I'm assuming everything will be fine (in terms of approval of the terms), but I'm still trying to track down the terms you dropped off at Student Awards, as my contact is on vacation/honeymoon. You can mail your cheque to me. "THE DISABILITIES PEOPLE" i.e. the people that deal with mental illness, remember... will try to give out the award, but the application deadline is at the end of Sep, so that may be a factor.


maybe i care because i've saved some lives, maybe that's why i work harder than you ever will and am smarter, i failed a lot in high school, but intelligence is very fluid and personality plays a big role...


hey... teen screen responded to my ex... that's the head of a presidential initiative...



now i wonder how i accomplish so much, its cause i dont care about accomplishment, i care about people, you *******... but narcissism is the only thing half of the ****ing idiots on here respect or will respond too...

hmmm... i wonder how many people wanna shadow in the inner city, well lets see the email the homeless shelter coordinator sent on my behalf

Dear so and so


Its gping well. One of the students


> has a particular interest in addictions medicine.


> He's going to try and get into the Betty Ford Centre practicum

> next year. He knows a lot about addictions.


> Do you have any thoughts? Do you ever do this (although I know

> your practice isn't all addictions)?

> Thanks,


wow, so the homeless shelter coordinator thinks i know a lot about addictions... mother ****er


**** eh... now seriously, i'm an ******* because people need to grow the **** up and realize what medicine is before they apply, cause i'm tired of seeing great people get rejected, cause some retard who thinks they're amazing with a 4.0 wants to be an opthalmologist and make millions, defend the outrageous ammount docs (some should make MORE, some a lot LESS) make while totally ignorant... or trash foreign IMG's with phd's and canadian citizenships since they've been here so long, as well as passed every exam canadian grads do only to be rejected with straight 99 percentiles for someone who gets a spot before his qe1 results are even in... stop ****ing whining... GETTING IN to a MEDICAL SCHOOL IN CANADA doesn't mean you did well in med school... and stop thinking YOUR ACCIDENT OF BIRTH makes you better than IMG's...


see... again there... i don't like entitlement without merit... because there are consequences... i have other friends who've committed suicide because of bad doctoring... my one uncle died because someone missed something on a scan... i use to tutor IMG's for their MMI's... yeah, part of the interview... didn't know that eh... well you don't live with an ex leader of a big association, didn't think you would... or would know any clinical assistants... how would you... it's like doing an fm plus 1 but better... you're an img, have no license, but get to assist in surgery for 120-150 k, not bad eh... beats ppl with 250 usmles working as security guards... i wonder if maybe me knowing like 50 IMG's means I'm not pulling **** out of my ****ing ass... since i see them suffer while i see people in med who are retarded and will be taking their job... ****... if you want i can even print of the mini letter from harper to roomie... but that's not to me, and i respect privacy... so guess what... if you don't like being called a ***** from someone who has more firsthand experience than you'll ever read, BLOCK... seriously


so yeah, im smarter than you, i've been working in health care since 17, stopped 12 suicides, got into every med school i applied too, was recruited by a prep company, after i turned another one down, then turned down their request to at least teach half the class... didn't find the recruiting email for months, missed it, it's the adhd... also i wrote that i write here sometimes to write, i will get an s or t on every mcat i write, and on the vr i will almost never get under 12, and hit 15 40 percent of the time on the vr... i got 28 scholarships in 23 months... and i made one for people... the criteria is to describe your life and how you overcame mental illness... the gpa rec was a 2.0... also nserc... all that other ****, been there, done that... i also live with a former leader of international medical graduates (MANY ARENT FROM CANADA retard... who spoke in parliament) so guess what... **** off, i know a lot more than you ever will 20 years into your clinical career, because i'm not afraid to get dirty, and i care, which is a lot more than i can say for 1/3 of the people here, despite the fact that most are amazing people, students, and just awesome...


i dont give a **** if you dislike me, think i'm a narcissist, i write poems about my dead uncle in the 6 word thread if you ever bother to read that, maybe cause most must-get-into-medicine-1 dimension idiots don't read it, and i enjoy chatting with future doc... but yeah, if you think im a bragard, idiot, block me... i said i dont care if people read my posts

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lol, i know eh... ppl are silly, but i've got nothing to hide :)


oh, for ppl who don't like me (i honestly take high dose benzo for neuro issue, so i really have to rely on working memory, linking concepts, otherwise i forget things after two seconds)


tegan and sara are indeed my fave band, i can't prove it, but anyone who has a last supper painting, enjoys art, has two modified telecasters (you don't need a 7 string ibanez to sound heavy kids, serious ;), makes personal christmas cards, has to be a bit emo...


i even had fun learning how to search on my comp doing this, see, you're always learning, i even took a break and learned some blues chord progressions and played some qotsa and t and s... o i forgot the last pic was a fun one i found of my dsm and iphone i use to take most of these pics, lol


here's a pic i even sent clever over chat


we talk about my add sometimes, lol, i gave him study advice too, cause i

i usually get really into what i study, find a way to get passionate about it, like i was explaining tamiflu to someone, and how it worked like amantadine (neurominidase... cleaves an important sugar with an n terminus for binding, then explained how it, memantine, ketamine, and pcp are all linked, why, on a submolecular level the clinical trials may show for example that an influenza drug like amantadine helps adhd (similar to magnessium... nmda antagonism probably causes less tolerance from the d3 and d4 presynaptic dopaminergic signals... plus the colinergic effects and how time dilation occurs in adhd (which it helps) (my psychiatrist listened for 15 min when i explained time dilation to her, cause she has adhd


he won't,


it's not the first time someone mentioned this


plus he's not a kid






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i totally would and i'm 5'7 and 165... i faught a bud for fun who was 6'7 270... so i know when i don't have chance, lol... unless you were over 225 i wouldn't be too worried... if your closer to 200 then it'd be a fun time with you, lol ;), you don't have to knock someone out to make them beg to stop a fight, and unless your as big as my earlier bud, you actually have to connect to knock someone out... just sayin :P



And there are too many cowards like you in society who are wise asses until they get their blocks knocked off by some 6'4" football player...........wait..you being a coward would mean you'd never say the things I've read in your posts to someone twice your size. (yes, i took the time to read some of your posts) :). now go kill yourself and like i said, stop wasting my time.
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i would read the clinicians guide to managing adult adhd, also read caddra's guidelines, the neuropsychological evals you can get, as well as the fact that adhd are


people who can multi-task

see the big picture

do great in environments where they don't have to sit down and study


do you also ever notice that i brag when people trash non trads, people with disabilities, people who have poor academic pasts ( i failed so many classes in high school), tell people that intelligence is static, feel entitled (i.e. trash img's) because of where they're from and not where they're going or can do... i should of even posted the email i sent my neuro with my articles 2 yrs ago after he asked (cause he ran into me and realized how grossly negligent he was... he wasn't curious, he just wanted to make me feel good so i wouldn't be angry)


attention deficit is a misnomer too, i don't pay my bills on time, lose debit cards, but academically, i did enough classes for my bsc in 3 years... graduated on time even though i started in arts... 3.8 gpa... with a course diversity that thats 40 percents scary courses science students dont take because theyre scared of blowing their gpa, and my first b plus was cause i spent 2 weeks not leaving a girl who had multiple personalities, was psychotic, because one described how they would make her kill herself... and i still got a 3.7 that term


emotion, passion, can elicit hyperfocus, where i can basically sit and do 1 thing for 8-10 hours... yeah


there's also quantitative electroencephalogram... you can get it done at the hallowell centre...


ironically, adhd is more diagnostically certain in the biological notion you're insinuating is impossible than depression, also, if you read a clinicians guide to adult attention deficit disorder (400 pages) you can learn a lot more... to save money, id just print it off google books, that's what i did :)




And do you realize ADHD is just idiots without any mental discipline right? And no, I don't care what the medical community's opinion on the validity of ADHD as a medical condition is.
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Shut up monkey. You don't have a 150 IQ, you're not special, nothing about you is remotely significant. You don't even make sense when you speak and you're even dumber for saying I have no life experience. I'm 19 years old and probably accomplished more in life than you will till you're 45. The only things you do is spill verbal vomit onto the keyboard and pass it off as brilliance. They call that having a mental disorder in a lot of places. It's not genius, it's insanity.


I'm sorry but I had to just comment on this...this idiot claims he's more accomplished and intelligent then ANNNYYYONNNEE on here at the tender age of 19....yet he uses the phrase "go kill yourself" multiple times on a public forum?? If he's accomplished more at 19 then I will at 45 I don't want no part in those "accomplishments".

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