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Applying from quebec

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Hi everyone,


Im from quebec I dont know really about applications in the rest of canada and I would like to know where I could applicate in med/dent/pharm and how they consider OOP (especially quebec applicants because our system is terribly different). And do all applicant need to do the MCAT? They dont consider it here, and I learned this recently.


Also since in quebec they dont require really good notes for DAT (I got <10% in all categories, but on 30 its not as competitive than english students), so I would like to know how they will take in account that factor...


Im 1 yr done in uni, I heard that I need my full bsc in order to applicate, or maybe some unis dont require me to do all 3 years? My GPA : 3,9x/4,3 which gives me about 3,8x/4 with OMSAS table, no MCAT, some volunterring but not really something extraordianry, do i have any chance at any uni in outside quebec (either med/dent or pharm)?


Im confused and I would appreciate any clarification,


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As a quebec student applying to OOP med schools, to give yourself the best odds you want the following:


1. Highest GPA possible ( > 3.87 on OMSAS would make you competitive for all schools).

2. MCAT (>30 and atleast 8 on the VR, the higher the better)

3. Full course load in all years

4. 3/5 rule in all years


Granted, there is variance amongst schools with the above requirements, i.e some schools will only require 2 years full course load, or will only look at the VR (mcmaster) and e.t.c., but if you do all of the above you should be good to apply to most if not all schools outside quebec, including the US. Your best bet for individual information on all schools would be to go over the OMSAS booklet and check the requirements for each school individually and make you're own guideline as to what exactly you need.


Best of wishes

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Thanks for your answers,


I am definitly going to try in quebec and ill consider doing the mcat for application next year OOP for med.


But what about dent and pharm, cut-offs and other tests to do (deside DAT)?


And last question what is the 3/5 rule?


You need the PAT for pharmacy.

Also, applying to non-francophone schools requires more work than applying to French schools. You will need to fill forms for ECs, personal statement, etc.

Check the forums and the websites for each profession you want to apply to.

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