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From your grammar, I assume you're an IMG?  This might help: http://www.healthforceontario.ca/en/M4/Internationally_Educated_Health_Professionals/IEHP_News/Interviewing_for_an_IMG_residency_position_in_Canada%3F


If you're applying this year try to contact them urgently to set something up.


The description below is pulled from their CaRMS description. It's reasonable accurate and they ask standard interview questions.  Examples are: Why Ortho? Tell us something different about yourself? And other very standard interview questions you could find on any job interview prep website.


The candidates that are considered to have a reasonable opportunity for acceptance are contacted for interview. There will be an informal reception the evening before the interviews to give the applicants an opportunity to learn more about the program from residents and faculty, in a social setting.

The interview process is by a panel of orthopedic surgeons with resident representation. The candidate will meet with 2 or 3 panels as well as with the program director and chairman. The members of the panel are briefed on each applicant before the interview and have access to the applicant's complete file. The 15 minute interview is informal and allows the members of the panel to meet the applicant and ask questions that are not covered by the formal application. The applicant in turn may ask the panel about the program. At the end of the day the panel meets to short list the candidates and rank them. No video conferencing interviews are permitted. The applicants are encouraged to spend a good portion of the day with us. Residents from all years will be available for informal discussion. A tour of the Surgical Skills Facility and the MaRS research facility will also be available.


All Ortho interviews in Canada are similar except at McMaster and Vancouver who use an alternative process called the Multiple Mini Interview (MMI).  Information about the MMI can be found here http://multipleminiinterview.com/mmi-questions/.  The description of puzzles and drawing described above is probably from an MMI.

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