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Just had an interview for another decently prestigious and harshly competitive program (which I won't go into details about, as beauty is in the eye of the beholder) and it made me realize something:

Just an unreal feeling getting accepted. Good luck to everyone still waiting. It's totally worth it!

73 straight hours of call and I haven't left the hospital in 3 full days.  about to walk out - one of those Shawshank style moments. 

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plus we are looking at whether there is some instability in the forum. It is a secondary possible cause. Basically I have work to do.


Annoying - that thread had a lot of stuff in it. It is one of the most important threads for just supporting the community.


maybe it's something wrong with the forum, indeed - the past few days I found some of my post not being registered/posted/deleted shortly after seeing them posted (there was nothing wrong in my posts, I mean onthing indecent),



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Too bad about the thread. :(


Oh well. On a positive note, the midterms and assignments I had due before reading week all received marks over 90%, so I'm happy. :) So even if I bomb my midterm tomorrow, in my beer and wine course, I think I'm good for this semester (now, I don't think I'll fail it or anything, but I may end up with a mark lower than my "normal" grades, there are just too many microorganisms to remember, along with the pathways they use, what they are used for, etc.). I managed to get 80% on the practice midterm, so if I end up with that, I'll be okay. And the midterm is only 20% of our mark. 5% will be for the brewery tour report - next week we get to visit a local brewery.


Of course, if the snow they are forecasting arrives, we may get another snow day. No doubt lots of people are hoping for that.


Anyhow, break time is over. Time to get back to studying all about the microorganisms that make beer, wine, and other food products, and the microbes that can spoil them (one of which is easy to remember - Pediococcus damnosus - you just know from its name that it's bad! :P)

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Ugh. Vet bills are expensive. We do have health insurance for our cats, but our kitten had a mild heart murmur when we obtained the insurance, so sadly any heart-related stuff isn't covered by the insurance.


Our kitten needs a scan (echo) by a cardiologist, and it's $750. We're getting it done, of course, but it is pricey.


And now I'm all worried about her again, and not able to concentrate very well on studying for my midterm tomorrow. Thank goodness that I study a bit all semester long, so I'm not trying to cram everything in at the last moment (although that is a skill that would be very useful at times).

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