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Hello fellow premed101'ers.

I have a question regarding derm. I've been interested in derm for quite a while (since first year) but was always thinking that I would end up going into IM instead or gen surg.

That being said, I became quite sick (developed a chronic illness) halfway through med school and it made me reconsider my life. Thankfully, I am doing better now and I would rather have a residency that tends towards fewer hours and less call.

That being said, I'm 4 months away from finishing 3rd year and have yet to book electives in derm (all booked in IM). I have one elective that is relevant to derm from third year however. Academically, I have strong evals and good clinical grades.


Research wise I have presented at two big conferences but no research specifically in dermatology. I know a dermatologist who works at my home institution and could probably obtain a derm-related research project with that person in next few weeks/months. The program director has also seen me demonstrate interest in the past on a few occasions (though not sure if she remembers me lol).


So my question is, if I do manage to book 3-4 derm electives before the carms deadline, and manage to get a research project going, how do you think I would fair. (keep in mind I am from Quebec and can also rank the french schools). Or is it too late?


I appreciate any input :)

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