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Hi there,


I am entering the PA program @ U of M in September and am wondering if any current students can provide some insight into what they did for funding the program.


Where you able to get a loan through Manitob Studen Aid/Federal funding?

Lines of Credit - Professional or just regular student line of credit?



Also I am looking at a place near HSC due to the distance I would have to travel in for classes, however if funding is going to be tight it may be better to stay at home.. The program is obviously intense and I will need to spend a good chunk of time studying, so it seems the cost of rent would be worth it considering the time I will be saving in travelling and my gas and parking costs. If anyone can weigh in on this it would be greatly appreciated..

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Currently a first year PA-S at UofM with 9 days left of first year (holyyy smokes!!). Royal Bank is good on funding. You may get someone on the line that has no idea what they're talking about with PA school, just explain and reassure them that there is a professional credit line available for students and to keep looking for it.


There has been talk that CIBC is int he process of adding PAs to their Professional LOC as well.


I had no problem with government student loans and even had a good portion of it awarded as a bursary. Since it is Medicine and the cost is high..obtaining funds from government student loans shouldn't be too much of a problem.


Scholarships/bursaries are available to apply for at UofM...but this can't be done until the school year starts, and if you are awarded one it will be for the next semester. Hope this helps!

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