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most people do very well on independent study projects. IT IS A LOT OF WORK (basically you;re gonna be spending all your non class/study time towards your research project). However, as long as you put in the time and commitment, even though you don't get significant results, you usually end up with a good mark. I personally know several people who have done it and they all got 90+. I was planning on doing it too. Yes there is variation depending on supervisor, some will be very nurturing and just want you to get good research experience like the prof i worked for, while other will be complete a$$holes if you don't get results. However, even though my friend had the latter, he still gave her a good mark. The amount of effort and time you have to put in warrants it in my opinion. To make it easier on yourself though, id say look into professors through students that have worked with them and get a sense of what kind of supervisor they are in addition to being interested in their research

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lol, i loved my independent studies supervisor, pretty chill guy, made you do work though, but honestly fun place to work in.


Muse :) what subjects?


Agreed. I did about 9 credits of independent study work. Both profs were awesome. Lots of work in the ochem lab but well worth it. The only negative was that I was synthesizing spiral sulfur compounds :/ fume hood can only do so much haha.

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