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What Surgical Specialties Are Actually Hiring?

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Hey Guys


Just wondering if anyone had some resources on what surgical specialties are actually hiring and how hard it is to get a job post residency in certain cities (London, Toronto, Hamilton, Windsor)? I know its a broad question and the hiring market is always changing, but I'm just looking for some general trends.



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Right now, not that many. Jobs in academic centres are even harder to get. I've heard of some guys having to do 1-2 fellowships plus advanced degrees (up to PhD) in order to get a spot.


In five to ten years from now, who knows. Cardiac will probably still be half crappy. Neuro could also be tight. They're just so specialized they basically need an academic Center (or at least very large community hospital). Stuff like gen Surg, Ortho, urology, ENT, plastics has the potential to work in smaller places so it could be easier to get spots open in them.

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Not many. It's a tough time for surgical trainees in Canada as I am sure you know.


Like NLengr mentioned, the less dependent you are on big academic centres, hospitals, or even the operating room to do your work then the more likely you are to find work. Specialties like Urology, ENT, and Plastics where there is a decent component of office procedures or local anesthetic procedures are easier to get.


Until someone literally decides to start making it rain with OR time I don't foresee the situation getting any better soon.

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I heard Surgical oncology isn't doing too bad.


There isn't really a surgical oncology specialty. Usually it's "specialty" oncologist.


For example, urologic oncologist, orthopaedic oncologist, general surgical oncologist.


So it's highly dependent as to what specialty you are working in.

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At my Center the one person with a specific "surgical Onc" fellowship does colorectal, with some stuff like inter abdo melanoma etc. They are part of a colorectal team. HPB is completely handled by people with HPB fellowships on the HPB team. Breast by a team full of people with breast fellowships.

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Assuming one has completed his/her Canadian residency and passed the USMLE, how easy/difficult is it for a Canadian to get a staff job in the US?


I assume that it must still be quite difficult, seeing how so many orthopods are taking up their 2nd/3rd fellowships.


The only people I know who have done a 3rd fellowship do it because they have to be in a certain location (ie Toronto). My impression, doing fellowship in the US, is that there are certainly more jobs down here than in Canada (where there are almost no jobs advertised).


Stjohnjobs.com is a physician recruiter site - have a look there to see the difference between Canada and the US. On the POSNA (pediatric orthopedic society of north America) website there were about 15 pedipod jobs posted the last time I checked.


As to how difficult it is - I don't know, my experience is only anecdotal (mine and other peoples). It's been pretty straightforward for me, and I wasn't really looking. The end of orthopedic residency in Canada can be extremely stressful as you really are looking out at a stark landscape with limited job options. In the US I just haven't seen the same degree of anxiety. Bottomline, if you love orthopedics don't give up on it because of the job situation in Canada.

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I was at ACP this year and the exhibit hall was full of health care recruiters who have immigration lawyers on staff to help bring Canadians down. I'm not saying they were there specifically for Canadian doctors, but the booths I talked to all said they either have or would take physicians from Canada.


I don't know if the same exists for surgical fields but I'm sure there are jobs out there if you're willing to work in smaller towns.

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