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Hi guys,


The interview invites will be rolling in January. So I wanted to make this thread for all of us to post data in this format. I hope everyone posts the data regardless of whether you get invited or not. Please follow this format:


Invited/Not Invited



MCAT (xx.xx/15):



Please make separate threads for discussion so this thread remains clutter-free.



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Email received at 12 PM:   Invited!!!   IP AGPA: 4.32 MCAT: 516

IP AGPA: 4.05 MCAT: 10 VR/11 PS/12 BS = 11/15 Rural (checked off 4 of the rural options)

You're the best - thank you

Not Invited


AGPA after dropping credits: 4.36/4.5

MCAT 12.13/15



Best of luck interviewees!


I sent them an e-mail asking what their calculation of my AGPA was, they said 4.2

I calculated mine wrong :(

shouldn't have bothered to send applic in, since it says on application bulletin majority of OOP have 4.3 or higher AGPA, and higher than 12 MCAT operative score.


If anyone's interested in finding out their AGPA calc, or the AGPAavg. /MCAT avg for ppl invited for interview, just send them an e-mail. they were pretty prompt about replying back. Just quote your application number (found on your letter)

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Sorry for such the late post ( lots of schools stuff to figure out at the moment)



GPA(x.xx/4.5): 4.0/4.5 with drops (McGill doesn't have A+ or percentage so we get screwed, 4.0 is the highest we can achieve)

MCAT (xx.xx/15): 14/15 ( 14,13,15)

Rural (Northern Ontario)


Depending how the Ontario schools go for me I will most likely decline due to financial considerations. (Have to pay for everything myself so I'll be limiting the cost/chance of acceptance ratio)

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