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Full-time course load and year of application


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I just have a few questions regarding Queens and U of T.


I will be applying at the end of the summer (writing the MCAT in August) in my 3rd year. However, due to taking a bunch of summer courses, if I don't get in, I will not be full-time for my last year.


1st year --> 5.0 credits taken

Summer --> 2.5 credits taken (max is 2.0, but I got an exception)

2nd Year --> 5.0 credits taken

This summer --> 1.0 - 1.5 credits


So, I'll be at 14.0 credits at the beginning of 3rd year and 19.0 before I begin my fourth and final year. If I apply in my fourth year, and only take 1.0 courses in the first semester (to complete my degree), will I still be eligible for the weighting formula at U of T? Do they only count your first three years if you apply in your fourth?


I have the same question for Queens, because I have heard that they will just take your cGPA if you're not full-time.


I should mention that the only reason I took 2.5 credits in the summer was because I was planning on finishing my undergrad in 3 years (my GPA is good). However, my program did not let me pick the prereqs that I needed in 2nd year, so I'm stuck doing a quasi-semester in 4th year.


Any help is appreciated!

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I'm still a bit confused.


If I apply at the beginning of fourth year with 19.0/20 credits and only take 1.0ish credits in my first semester, will they consider me full-time for that application cycle? Do they take into account what your course load is during applications, or just before?

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For UofT


They may apply the weighing formula to you or they may see that you are only enrolled in 1 course in fourth year and not apply it, we don't know. But, even if you do get the weighing in 4th year they will still be able to see what courses you are currently enrolled in based on your official transcript and i do not think it will reflect well on you to be taking 1 course per year.


Also, how are you so sure you will get in during your first application cycle?

What if you don't get in and then you lose the weighing formula because you only took 1 course in 4th year?


For Queens


They will only look at the two most recent full time years (3 classes per semester)



Just take a full course load...........

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You will be given the weighting formula for that application cycle (while in your fourth year with 3 full time years under your belt). I don't know how they handle summer courses, do a little research to see if those count or if they will be ignored.


They have no way of knowing that you are only registered in 1.0 courses for your fourth year unless that is stated on your transcript that they are IP, but even then they can't make judgements because what if you were planning on taking the balance in 2nd semester (obviously not a likelihood but still a possibility).


However the issue will be if you don't get acceptance in that application cycle. Your next application you will not be given the weighting formula as you will not have carried a full course load for your 4th year. Definitely something to think about.

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