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NRMP Withdraw Canadian Match

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Thanks for the post OP, I was just checking this page to start a similar one.


I'm waiting too and checking like every 20min. Tried live chat with one of the NRMP representatives and they just repeated time and time again that they communicate directly with CaRMS and will withdraw us if matched in Canada.. wouldn't give me a date. I think people were withdrawn on Feb 26/27 last year, but it doesn't really matter since match dates change all the time.


Please let us know if anyone is withdrawn.

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I heard a rumor it would be on March 3rd? Last year there was no email or anything, it just popped up when I logged into NRMP one morning. Was a very pleasant surprise.


I recommend checking NRMP each morning before logging into facebook unless you want it to be a very nerve-wracking experience to login after. :)

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