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A few questions regarding honors degree:

Which medical schools require you to have an honors degree? If there aren't any, are there any medical schools in Canada that favor applicants with honors degrees?


What constitutes as an honors degree? Must there be a thesis project that you do in fourth year or is an 'Honors Bachelor Degree' recognized by the university considered an honors degree? Or must it be "Honors Specialization" where you do a thesis project in fourth year. I attend UWO and according to: http://www.westerncalendar.uwo.ca/Ar...2011/pg83.html

a double major constitutes as a Honors Bachelor Degree but it is not an Honors Specialization. If I do a double major, am I considered to obtain an honors degree after graduation? Or must I go into Honors Specializaton




How do American medical schools view Honors degrees? Do they prefer it or do not care?

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"Honours" can have a variety of meanings.


At some universities, honours refers to all four year degrees (general degrees are three years).


At others, it means you completed a fourth year honours thesis.


At others, that you completed an honours program (typically more specialized courses in a particular area).


At still others, it means that you took slightly more difficult courses, reserved for those in the honours program.


If I remember correctly, medical schools in Canada only care if you are enrolled in (or have completed) a four year degree. I have no idea about US schools.

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Some schools in the US will favor honors as it is more 'academically rigorous'. Note that Western requires a 4 year degree now and not an honors degree. However this means you still need a four year program which in all likelihood will be an honors degree at UWO (I'm fairly certain single majors are only three year degrees, and they're phasing out specializations). Some MD/PhD will require an honors degree (Ottawa specifically wants a thesis).

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