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What type of prep would make studying easier?


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Hey PreMeds! I am thinking of starting a company for MCAT Prep. I have a few friends who dread Kaplan the TPR, and I would focus more on answering practice questions (like amplifire) only much better.


How do you think exam prep for the MCAT can be improved? There will be a ton of changes to MCAT2015 and I plan to consider every change, but I figured I might just ask students what you think might be helpful that you haven't seen in other practice materials.


Admin, feel free to shut me down if you like! I'm just a recent grad looking to make life a little bit easier for everyone else.

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Kaplan gives elite test takers the opportunity to build their resumes and give back to other members of the pre-health community. Working as an MCAT Instructor not only looks great on resumes and applications, it also gives you the ability to change a students life!


Working while in school not only teaches you to budget your time and resources, it also gives you an opportunity to build you resume before you finish school.


Many professional schools are looking for students who are not only able to maintain proper grades, but also able to impact their colleagues and community.


We have classes coming up in your area that meet in the evenings and/or weekends. For 10 teaching sessions you will earn over $1000.00.


If you are interested, please contact me at stephanie.cager@kaplan.com.


I encourage you to share my contact information with anyone who you think may be interested in teaching for Kaplan. Talented people tend to have talented friends.



Best of Luck!


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