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UBC 2014 Poll for Final Decisions

Please indicate your final status  

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  1. 1. Please indicate your final status

    • IPs - Accepted
    • IPs - Accepted/Declined/Will decline for other schools
    • IPs - Waitlisted
    • OOPs - Accepted
    • OOPs - Accepted/Declined/Will decline for other schools
    • OOPs - Waitlisted

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Hi, this thread is for the final decisions. Please don't check any of the items until you have made your decision.


As usual & typical, please post your status & details on the thread of Accepted/Rejected/Waitlisted??? (for current applicants):



If you are waitlisted/accepted/or decline, please also check in the poll here. There will be another poll for those who will be off/withdraw from the waitlist. You cannot vote until you are registered. You are encouraged & welcome to do so, so that we will have more statistic information. Sorry for creating more work for you.

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