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I was under the impression it was about 2/3, but judging by lack of response here? No way.


I was also under the impression that 2/3 of the class would be getting acceptance letters today. It may simply be the case that this year people aren't posting as much as in previous years.

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is anyone privy to the nature of the waitlist? Is it the case that accepted applicants have to turn down offers for waitlisted applicants to be given offers? or is the waitlist a list of individuals who have similar stats, some of whom will be extended offers on the basis of incoming final grades (implying less than 110 offers go out by Jun. 2nd)?


Intuitively, I'd think the first case is true. However, the fact that final official transcripts are due on Jun. 27th, whereas final offers and waitlist notifications go out on Jun. 2nd makes me believe the second case may be true.


It may also be the case that unofficial transcripts are used in calculating AGPA and official transcripts are just necessary to eliminate anyone who doctors their unofficial transcript.



I'm mostly curious to know if I should be ordering official transcripts prior to Jun. 2nd or if I can simply wait until Jun. 2nd to do so.


I think:


Unofficial transcripts are used to re-rank applicants by June 2. Then based on how many early offers were declined, they offer the remaining spots on June 2 to fill the class. The waiting list trickles in to keep the class full for subsequent declines. Far as I know, final transcripts are just due June 27 for everyone.

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